Evenimente internaţionale – octombrie 2008

Encounterfest, Hillsong Church Convention Center, October 2-4
Gloria Deo: Virginia Baptist Church Music Conference, October 2-4
Toronto Baptist Conference, October 3-4
BUild 25th Anniversary Celebrations, Highgate Baptist Church in Birmingham, October 4
Southern California Chinese Baptist Church Development Conference, October 4
Launch of the Vernon Grounds Institute of Public Ethics, October 6-7
Day conference with Michael Frost, October 9
Conference “The Politics of Jesus”, October 10
Annual BUV Gathering Conference 2008 ‘Building Community’, October 10-11
Central Baptist Association Ministers’ Conference at High Leigh Conference Centre, October 13-15
Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting, Indianapolis Baptist Temple, October 13-15
Next Steps – Church Planters Training Conference, October 14-15
14-15 oct 2008
Bailey Smith’s Real Evangelism Conference, October 14-16
United Pentecostal International General Conference, Greensboro Coliseum, October 15
Temescal Canyon Tabernacle’s 2008 Women’s Conference, October 17-18
Shalom 08: POlitics of the Spirit REGISTRATION, Journey Community Church, Dallas Texas, October 17-19
Northern California Chinese Baptist Church Development Conference (2008), October 18
The California Southern Baptist Day (2008), October 19
The 2008 Conference of the Southwide Baptist Fellowship, October 20
2008 Conference on Evangelism, October 20-23
Iranian Christians 20th Regional Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 23-26
Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Fellowship (2008), October 24-26
Conference: The Many Faces of Pentecostalism, October 25
Focus on the Family’s next Love Won Out conference, Colorado Springs, October 25
Crucible: Creating Church on the Margins, October 25-26
World Evangelical Alliance General Assembly, Pattaya, Thailand, October 25-30
2008 Urban Conference: Montreal, Quebec, October 28-30, 2008
California Collegiate Summit, California Baptist University, October 29-31
Taipei Festival with Franklin Graham, October 30 – November 2
Baptist Assemblies in Scotland, Queen’s Park Baptist Church, Glasgow, 31 October – November 1


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