Global Pastors’ Wives Network Welcomes New Leader

The president of the Global Pastors Wives Network is passing the baton of leadership over to a recognized Christian conference speaker and author who will officially lead the 5-year organization of pastors’ wives beginning January.

“As my term comes to a close, it is with tremendous joy and enthusiasm that I join with [GPWN founder Vonette] Bright and the GPWN board to welcome Devi Titus as our next president,” GPWN president Becky Hunter wrote in the network’s blog Friday.

Founded in 2003 by Campus Crusade for Christ co-founder Vonette Bright, GPWN is a growing worldwide community of pastors’ wives from a myriad of denominations who believe that connecting with each other and sharing resources can equip them to faithfully and enthusiastically partner with their husbands for ministry and service.

The Christian Post

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