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Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research, about Southern Baptist Convention (Louisville, June 21-24, 2009):

„5. Social Networking is changing all the rules.

Blogging changed everything–until this year. From day one, all eyes were on Twitter.

When some leaders tweeted about motions, it was national news. People were even directed to the floor for the times votes would take place, again using Twitter. If you weren’t at the convention, the Twitterverse provided a front row seat.

Twitter also provided an instant barometer of how people felt about what was happening. If Tweeters didn’t like a motion from the floor, it was heard loud and clear online. And when they liked something, they raised their “voices.”

It was not too long ago when one state convention passed a motion critical of blogging and some referred to it as “Internet Pornography.” Today, the social networking revolution is gaining momentum instead of going away. The convention is “flat,” and those who are unaware or are simply kicking against the cyber-goads will soon lose their influence.”

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