S-a trezit și Octavian Baban…

După 2 ani de tăcere, bloggerul Octavian Baban revine în public cu un articol în engleză despre Cazul Iosif Țon.

„I don’t think that Joseph Ton is right, theologically. But, in terms of long term sighting, he has allerted us to a problem: who is in need of spiritual reform and why? This is ideology, indeed. Spiritual ideology. Shocking, but thought provoking. Like Isaac, many ages ago, looking through some heavy theological eyebrows of a late, venerable age, we should ask ourselves if we are not, by any chance, feasting on an evangelical meal without knowing, really, whether it is Jacob or Esau, the one who is feeding us.”


Un răspuns to “S-a trezit și Octavian Baban…”

  1. Octavian Baban despre Cazul Iosif Țon « Istorie Evanghelica Says:

    […] S-a trezit și Octavian Baban… from România Evanghelică by Alin Cristea […]

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