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Iași: Întîlnire de tineret cu Cătălin Dupu

7 martie 2011

Bruce A. Little la Craiova

7 martie 2011

8 martie – Universitatea din Craiova, 12.00 – 14.00
9 martie – Universitatea din Craiova, 12.00 – 14.00
9 martie – Biserica ProDeo, 18.00
10 martie – Biblioteca Județeană, 12.00 – 14.00

10 bloguri în Top 100 WP (07.03.2011)

7 martie 2011

7 martie 2011, 14.00

În paranteză: poziţia în Top ZeList (63.658 bloguri româneşti)

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86. marianagoron (3402)
94. trezirespirituala (2056)

10 Essential Things to Tell People about the Church

7 martie 2011

1. The church has always been under attack. So, when people criticize it, Christian, don’t panic.

2. That the church has survived the attacks from its enemies and the failings of its own members for two thousand years and is still going strong stands as a remarkable testimony of God’s plan for her.

3. The apparent weakness of a particular church is generally deceptive.

4. The Church belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Whatever we do to the church, Jesus takes personally.

6. God sends pastors, not to make the church members happy, but to make them healthy and holy and Himself happy.

7. The best thing your church has to offer Christians is fellowship.

8. The toughest part of belonging to a church is the requirement for submission. That’s why we rarely hear about it.

9. God created the deacons because He needed servants willing to do the dirty work.

10. If you do not like change in your church or your personal life, you will want to avoid Jesus. He’s all about change and growth.

See: – The Intersection of Faith and Life

Texas Church Mourns Killing of Young Pastor

7 martie 2011

Clint Dobson, who was lead pastor of the satellite ministry of First Baptist Church Arlington, was found dead Thursday inside the church he had been leading for about three years. His ministry assistant survived but was severely beaten. Police suspect it was a robbery.

The Christian Post

2 postări în Top 5 WP (07.03.2011)

7 martie 2011

7 martie 2011, 12.30

Ema Repede (Moroșan) și soțul ei au avut accident. Rugați-vă pentru ei!
Triteismul lui Iosif Ţon – guest post

A venit primăvara pe blogul lui Daniel Mitrofan?

7 martie 2011

Să vezi și să nu crezi… Omul a postat un articol!

Ultimele două erau din 18 ianuarie și 19 decembrie!

200 de comentarii la: Triteismul lui Iosif Ţon – guest post

7 martie 2011

Triteismul lui Iosif Ţon – guest post – postarea de pe blogul lui Marius Cruceru a adunat peste 200 de comentarii.

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Twitter evanghelic (101)

7 martie 2011

Rick Warren: „The faster you go in life, the more beauty you miss seeing.” (6 martie 2011)

Top Posts – 7 martie 2011

7 martie 2011

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Marius Cruceru despre Ioan Panican

7 martie 2011

„Cum slujește, imitîndu-l pe Wurmbrand? Păcat de un om care ar fi putut folosi altfel darurile pe care i le-a dat Dumnezeu.”