Calvinism Debate: Southern Baptists Form Team to Figure Out How to Work Together

„As debate over Calvinism has become heated in the Southern Baptist Convention, one of the denomination’s key leaders announced this week that he has formed a group to figure out how to work together.

„There are extremes on both sides that have garnered attention and I want us to pull us back together to that group who say ‘I may or may not be a Calvinist but I love Calvinists, I love non-Calvinists and we can and will do missions and evangelism together,” Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, said Thursday.

According to Baptist Press, the group – or advisory team – consists of 16 Southern Baptists, including Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Timothy George of Beeson Divinity School, SBC President Fred Luter, R. Albert Mohler of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Paige Patterson of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

The Christian Post – August 17, 2012

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