Paul de Vries: Thanksgiving: How the Holiday Is Celebrated in the Bible

„Perhaps the longest thanksgiving feast – and also the longest worship service – was the renowned dedication of the Lord’s Temple built under Hebrew King Solomon’s leadership. For fourteen delightful days, tens of thousands of people celebrated thanksgiving for God’s presence and provision, eating together from a huge bounty of meats barbequed on the holy altars as gifts to God and then from him to the nation. […]

Thanksgiving is such a big Biblical theme that it is repeated throughout the life of the Lord Jesus himself. Did you know that even the famed bread and fish were multiplied in Jesus Christ’s hands only after he had expressed thanks to the Father for them? Jesus himself later thanked the Father for the bread and for the cup that he had chosen as a symbol of his gift of himself to each of us. In addition, the extraordinary, simple way Jesus always gave thanks for food became an identifying mark by which people confirmed that he truly was alive with them.

Thanksgiving is so Biblically central that the Apostle Paul uses it as one of two most basic signs of wholesome spirituality (which I explain further in CP column „The Great Thanksgiving Test.”) No other religious scripture comes close to such strong teaching about giving thanks, because no other religious scripture teaches about such grace as the Lord gives for which we are thankful, or even about his delight in our speaking person-to-person with him.”

The Christian Post – November 21, 2012


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