Russell D. Moore: Is the Culture at War With Christmas?

„Every year about this time, there’s a lot of hubbub about a so-called „war on Christmas.” In some instances, there are legitimate questions of religious liberty involved and complicated church/state questions that we ought to be concerned about. More commonly, though, the outrage is directed toward the commercial marketplace, for replacing „Merry Christmas” with „Happy Holidays” and so on. […]

Christmas, then, isn’t about a fight for our right to party. It’s a reminder that we, like every generation before us, live in a „land of deep darkness” (Isa. 9:2). The darkness isn’t overcome by sarcasm or personal offense or retaliatory insults. The light of Bethlehem shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not, cannot, will not overcome it.”

The Christian Post – December 9, 2012

Un răspuns to “Russell D. Moore: Is the Culture at War With Christmas?”

  1. Alin Cristea Says:

    A republicat asta pe RoEvanghelica.

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