Filme: Vieți încrucișate – 27 februarie 2014


Joi – 27 februarie, TV 1000, 15.00
Vieţi încrucișate / The Station Agent – Premiul publicului pentru dramă la Sundance
Dramă, SUA, 2003
Regia: Thomas McCarthy – BAFTA pt. scenariu

The All Movie: „Thomas McCarthy’s Sundance-winning The Station Agent is a quiet, disarmingly simple movie about a man overcoming grief. Peter Dinklage gives one of the best performances of the year as Finbar McBride, a dwarf who inherits an abandoned train station after the death of his best, and possibly only, friend. […] The Station Agent is a perfect example of everything good about American independent film.”

The New York Times: „Tom McCarthy has such an appreciation for quiet that it occupies the same space as a character in this film, a delicate, thoughtful and often hilarious take on loneliness.”

Meaning in movies: „I think this is a film about everything – relationships, community, humanity, acceptance and love. Things that are really important and are inbuilt components of our existence.”

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