Ed Stetzer: Hillsong Church at a Glance

„Hillsong looks like many other megachurches: contemporary worship, informal preaching, specific strategy for their vision, multiple locations, state-of-the-art technology, and a dynamic leader. What’s remarkable about Hillsong—among other things—is that Hillsong is in Australia, which is not exactly an evangelical bastion. Having 30,000 people on a weekend in Dallas is noteworthy. Having 30,000 people in Australia was inconceivable—until Hillsong.

In 2011, nearly one out of every three Australians said their religious affiliation was either „no religion” or not stated (it’s about 20% in the U.S.). As I said in the RNS article, „In a country where 55,000 people indicated ‘Jedi’ as their religion (2006 census), and most denominations are in decline, Hillsong’s continual growth is stunning.”

Hillsong adds professionalism and positivity to their Pentecostalism.

They are Pentecostal, which is not surprising given that most of the largest churches in Australia are. Denominationally, they are affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches, the fastest growing Protestant denomination in Australia and part of the global Assemblies of God family.”



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