1943 – Baptists Save Jewish Refugees

„One of our group, Grau from Podhajce, knew a about a group of “believers” of Ukrainian extraction who were called “Baptists”. He went to them to discuss our situation, and from where we could obtain food supplies so that we could survive until the liberation. The Baptists were located in a village not far from Podhajce. […]

They called us sisters and brothers, and talked only about belief, about God, and about good deeds of man. They brought food not only to keep us alive, but also lots of butter, cheese, herring, meat, eggs, white pastry, etc. They also brought four more lost people from the forests, who were almost at the point of death. They also found the three young orphans of the aforementioned Yisrael Silber and brought them to us. We were already 22 people.

We three sisters supported almost all of the 22 people. Then something took place that made us lose hope. They began to track us. The Baptists noticed this and took us to their home, where we were hidden in a hiding place for six months.

In one word: we cannot describe it enough. The pen cannot write so much to describe what these people did for us. No father, no mother, no sisters or brothers would have been able to do what they have done.

Thus did things continue until the liberation came in March 1944.”



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  1. Alin Cristea Says:

    A republicat asta pe RoEvanghelica.

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