Christianity Today – The Theology of Donald Trump

„Trump reveals that many evangelicals have come to embrace a different idea of sin than evangelicals have in the past. First, sin is now seen less a condition that renders us all “miserable offenders” before a holy God than mistakes good people make that fail to contribute to “our best life now.” Card-carrying evangelicals should have gotten it when Trump announced that he has never asked God for forgiveness because he doesn’t really do anything that would require it. This is problematic from a Christian perspective on several levels.”

„Trump reveals that “godly leadership” is apparently for some evangelicals the celebration of narcissism, greed, and deceitfulness in the pursuit of power. They like Trump’s “strong leadership” and ability to “get things done.” They seem to value pragmatism over anything else.

By contrast, in the Gospel of John (chapter 13), Jesus enacts a “performance parable” about power as will be demonstrated in his coming death and resurrection. Taking off his outer garment, he wraps a towel around his waist and begins to wash his disciples’ feet in preparation for the Passover meal.”


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  1. Alin Cristea Says:

    A republicat asta pe RoEvanghelica.

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