Today in Christian History – April 5

1956 – East German authorities dynamite ruins of the Ulrich church in Magdeburg, despite Christian protests. Religious leaders’ plans to rebuild the historic sanctuary are ignored. It dates back to 1023 but has been damaged in the war.

Eleven reasons for the reconstruction of the church of St. Ulrich and Levin

– key buildung in world history due to the worldwide spreading of Martin Luther’s ideas
– church of baptism and marriage of Otto von Guericke, the greatest son of the city
– used to be the most beautiful one in Magdeburg, one of the most beautiful ones in Germany
– second oldest church of Magdeburg, dedicated to Ulrich of Augsburg, closest friend of emperor Otto I.
– gives Ulrichplatz its name
– improves the urban quality of the city centre
– interesting tourist attraction
– rebuilding the old famous skyline with its typical twin towers
– helps make up for the loss of eight churches due to fascist and communist regimes
– church can be rebuilt on its old foundations
– the only reconstruction in Gothic-Roman style worldwide


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