Today in Christian History – June 28

1995 – Archbishop Dominic Tang Yiming of Canton, a Jesuit, dies of pneumonia in Stamford, Connecticut, while in exile from China after spending twenty-two years in a Chinese Communist prison for his faith.

Archbishop Tang was arrested on February 5, 1958. The Chinese government charged him as „the most faithful running-dog of the reactionary Vatican.” He stayed in jail for 22 years in prison because he refused to alter his loyalty to the Pope. His sudden release in 1981 was due to a developing cancer, when he was given permission to leave China for a cancer operation in Hong Kong.

Archbishop Tang was never brought to trial, and therefore, was never convicted of any crime. Since his release, he had never shown any bitterness for his 22 years of imprisonment even though no apology was ever expressed by the Chinese government. He recounted his experience in his memoir, How Inscrutable His Ways!


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