Today in Christian History – July 17

1836 – Death of William White, American patriarch of the Episcopalians. It was White who coined the name ‘Protestant Episcopal’ for the American church when it separated from the Church of England.

William White (1748–1836) was the first and fourth Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States (1789; 1795–1836), the first bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania (1787–1836), and the second United States Senate Chaplain (appointed December 9, 1790). He also served as the first and fourth President of the House of Deputies for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. (1785, 1789)

White was a member of the American Philosophical Society, along with many other prominent Philadelphians, including Benjamin Franklin, as well as a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania from 1774 until his death. During his tenure as trustee, he also served as Treasurer (1775–1778) and President (1790–1791) of the Board of Trustees.

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  1. Alin Cristea Says:

    A republicat asta pe RoEvanghelica.

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