Comentariu Dănuț Mănăstireanu la un citat al lui John Piper


Dănuț Mănăstireanu: „This is an overly Reformed view, which is very far from the Biblical holistic perspective on the incarnation of God. These neo-Reformed ideologists, like the hyper-Calvinists before them, are obsessed with the fall and human sinfulness, and consequently with God’s wrath, and have a very skewed understanding of the love of God (which is, supposedly, simply reserved to the ‘elect’).

For these people, God’s purposes in creation (before the fall) and, consequently for future eternity (after the problem of sin is fully dealt with) are a complete mystery and reason of confusion.

I must confess that, with all my displeasure for the blatant Arminianism, and the subsequent legalism that dominates Romanian evangelicalism, hence the need for a clear preaching of the of the grace of God, I believe the (neo)reformed ideology promoted by people like Piper is an even more dangerous distortion of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Un răspuns to “Comentariu Dănuț Mănăstireanu la un citat al lui John Piper”

  1. Delight in Truth Says:

    This is a reformed view, but how can one classify it as „overly reformed view?”

    It has three biblical components. All three are based on biblical truth.

    1. The Son expresses love in his work of incarnation, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension.

    2. His work saves us from the wrath of God. This is based on the principle of substitution and justification.

    3. As a result, believers get to spend eternity in heaven enjoying God.

    This is a true biblical view after all.

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